Tuesday, 5 April 2011

You get knocked down, so get up again!

Hello everyone, here is yet another somewhat inspirational blog to get a bit off my chest before bed and hopefully at the same time, help some of you that may feel like your in a rut.

Have you ever just felt like no matter how hard you work toward something, and no matter how close it seems your getting; there is always another obstacle that appears in your path, thats even bigger than the last one?

Well, it  happens to me quite a lot, be it regarding uni work or my YouTube activities. It seems that just when you feel like your getting somewhere, and you begin to get excited (or get your hopes up), something comes out of no where and knocks you down, and you almost feel like throwing in the towel. For those of you that haven't felt like this before. One, your a liar. Two, think of it as going on a 3 hour gruelling hike, using every inch of your physical strength and fitness, and just when you are about to get to the top, one step away. Someone comes out of nowhere kicks you in the nuts, and just pushes you back down again.

I know I may be giving this one thing a lot of attention, but that's just because its something that is often on my mind as I'm sure its on everyone else's.

In these difficult times, when you feel like giving up. Find the inner strength, motivation and determination to get your self back up and continue. Even if you decide to have a couple of days break, that's fine. In fact, I find that it reinvigorates you to dive right back into it with a fiery passion, whatever it is that you're doing. People that do this, are the ones that achieve great things, and often find themselves exactly where they to be want in life. So whether its a uni/college/school assignment, career related, or hobby related. Whenever you feel down and like it would be easier if you just said, "Fuck this," take a breather, regain your composure and get back into it. You will be glad that you did.

Anyway, I know this blog may seem a tad awkward, but it is 11.40pm down here in Adelaide and I'm a bit tired. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that some, if not all that read this can take a little something out of my ramblings. If you can find even the tiniest notion of inspiration in the blurb above, then I may have just given you the lift you needed.

Until next time!